Have queries on our products and services? what to learn more about us? Have some uncertainties about our products? We have listed some of the regularly asked questions in our FAQ section.

We have received multiple regularly asked questions regarding IBON food, Seeds and health supplements for Exotic Birds & Pets from Worldwide Business Brands who wish to Join hands with us. Here are some of them for your reference.

Yes, we have our own separate factories for IBON products, which include an extensive network of government licensed sub-contract manufacturers. And We select the most suitable sub-contracting manufacturer based on customer needs, size, and situations.

Yes, we do take orders for local private brands, we provide services according to the needs and requirement of customers.As an OEM contract manufacturer, we encourage our customers to carefully evaluate the local labelling or product claims regulations and notes. The customers need to accurately prepare all the import procedures, labelling, customs, and distribution regulation in their own country.

Generally, with our experience and knowledge, we offer readymade package designs or basic text for the label/box. In addition to that, we provide image designing services for our customers at a reasonable rate. Customers approve label designs and language before the printing of labels or packages.

Yes, we support and understand our customers being reasonable during the initial orders. But the extent of feasibility depends on the required packaging and specification of products.

Yes, our mission is to reach our OEM product in all the corner of the Nation & worldwide with the Multiply Branding name of the client. And with private labelling. You can choose your brand irrespective to the Village, City, and State of any country.

You can select the wide range of Pet Products from the IBON Products list. & we can also manufacture the products as per your requirements.

Below are the products offered by IBON:

  • Variety of health Supplement (Liquid & Powder) of Exotic Birds.
  • Seed Mix Variety for all kind of Exotic Birds.
  • Toys & Accessories for Exotic Birds & Pets.
  • Essential Products such as Nesting Materials, Breeding Box, Cages, etc.. for Exotic Birds.
  • Feeds & pallets for Birds, Fishes & Pets.

Our love for the animals and pets is never-ending, which made us provide various Products for the wellness of pets,

Some of our other Product Brands for pets are:

  • Pakhi : Premium Products for Exotic Birds
  • Aqua Desire – Fish and aquatic accessories products.
  • Cuddle – Products for small pets and reptiles needs.
  • Whizzles : Products & Services for Dogs & Cats.

Thank you for contacting us with this question we are glad to answer your concern. Firstly, we understand your “Customers” needs, and divide them based on use, presentation; components, brand, target audience, and marketing concept within the context of mutually agreed MOQ and price-brand. Later, we consult you “customer” regarding the technical feasibility of the product concept and submit samples for your approval. We work exclusively within the agreed parameters after the product development objectives and content are ready to assure the effective use of customer time and resources.

We always submit the prospective list of ingredients to our clients in advance. Our clients are well-informed and aware of every element we use in manufacturing our products from the start. We inform our client about the ingredients that might be problematic and always look forward to avoiding those ingredients.

NO, we do not keep finished products of private brands in our inventory. However, at the level of our sub-contractors, we sometimes maintain the catalog of components that included labels, bottles, boxes, and ingredients, for mainly two reasons,

Sometimes the minimal purchases of certain materials are higher than the size of your orders

Example: the number of minimum purchases of private branded metal cans to pack your products might be 10,000 units in total, but your order is only for 7,000 finished products. So, to meet the MOQ of the manufacturer, we need to purchase 10,000 units, out of which 3,000 extra units remain in our warehouse till your next order.With the customer request to reduce the supply lead time of future orders, the inventory of materials like aluminium foil (to pack powders in sticks/sachets with your private brand) and recipient are considered as customer property and are not stored in our warehouse.

We understand your concern, but you need to be patient and understand that fact that our quotations are never a random number, but the result of careful calculation and hard work. We do not just supply products out of the shelf in a warehouse, but we develop and manufacture the products exclusively for you as an OEM sub-contractor. Our products are produced practically from scratch, based on your “customer” requirements and logic. The finished products are the result of a complex chain process of factory labour that needs to be carefully calculated each time before providing a quotation for customers.

Example: the formulation provided by the customers includes various elements that are supplied by multiple manufactures, who have their own MOQs, pricing policies, etc. The same applies for the packing materials. Thecost machinery and man-power varies depending on the size and adjustment request in your final product.

As an OEM specialist, most of the products we supply are order-made and exclusively designed for each of our customers. So, the brands and images are the exclusive property of customers within the limit of applicable law and regulations.Our products exclusivity will always depend on the mutual agreement regarding various crucial elements like:

Product/s: Well defined with finalized, confirmed formulation, and specification.

Territory: A specific country or region where you need the exclusivity.

Term: the amount of time taken to grant exclusivity.

Purchase Targets:it is the specific amount of purchase for the period, that decided to keep the exclusivity.

Finally, note that the above applies for products are not especially subjected to formal patents. Special considerations need to be made for cases where ingredients or the final formulation may be subject to patent/s and any other specific intellectual property right in a given territory/country.

  • 1National Brand (NB) are the brands that are already present in the market and are available off the shelf like any other products in markets. The customers are allowed to purchase these products in retail, in Pet Stores, supermarkets, or as bulk from the distributors. The customers are not allowed to change anything from the products. These products need to be purchased as it is, and you cannot change the label of the product.
  • 2Bulk shared products are something between National brand and OEM products in simple words, the bulk shared products are customized but only in the field of labelling and packaging. You are not allowed to define or change the formulation of products in bulk shared products.
  • 3Bulk shared products are something between National brand and OEM products in simple words, the bulk shared products are customized but only in the field of labelling and packaging. You are not allowed to define or change the formulation of products in bulk shared products.

The MOQ’s of NB products are considered small: you are allowed to purchase even one single unit from IBON listed Product.

In the case of bulk products, the MOQ’s are quite reasonable, but you are not allowed to make changes in the formulation of the product.

Finally, the EM products, allows you to make the changes that you wish to and can also develop or manufactures various new products from scratch by meeting specific factory MOQ.

At BLUEBIRD GROUPS, we can meet specific customer needs by only utilizing factories, that will match the customer’s purchasing capacity.

It is essential to ensure that our products do not contain the substances that are prohibited in your country by submitting the product specification sheet.

We recommend contacting a customer broker along with required documents, to ensure that the product formulation is accepted or whether any product adjustment is needed, like eliminating any of the ingredients. You need to provide the documents that are required to analyze your product and material safety.

We only accept the orders that we are confident about. We try to offer the best quality products for our customers on promised date.