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Trying to find low-cost, high-quality premium products that match some of the big brand names, to satisfy your customers? We are here to provide the best pet products that generates happy and repeated customers and ensures pet and owner satisfaction.

We are here to consider your specific business goals and work along with you to generate a unique formulation that helps to create a sustainable pet food model. We help you to increase the number of brand-loyal customers by supporting you throughout the process of product design till manufacturing.

Our Product Range

  • Wellness supplements for Pets
  • Healthcare supplements for Pets
  • Nutraceuticals for Pets
  • Seeds and food for Pets
  • Accessories and toys of pets
  • Other Pets Related Products


Product concept / Requirements

We provide our clients with the opportunity to view and choose the product(s) from the readily available product list present on our website. Clients are allowed to make/propose their own requirements and ingredients.


We evaluate the technical feasibility of the element’s formulation, and suggest the product specification, based on the client requirement or concept. We even provide a ball-park price-list for our customers. We offer detailed price data for the brand-new product(s) only after the development of the product sample.

Package Design

Our designing team assists our client in graphic design if requested. We offer package designing in English or any other requested local languages.

Regulatory compliances

We are professionally capable of handling various complex documentation and regulatory requirements. We strictly follow the country’s legal and regulatory requirements. So, with our prior experience, we submit the language draft for your local label with careful confirmation and approval. USA: US FDA requires the submission of complex data for various import permits, that can only be applied by the exporting country.


We appoint the most suitable sub-contractors based on the requiredspecification. Only the factories that meet all the regulations and quality can be engaged in the manufacturing process.

Prime Time

We keep track of the manufacturing process, and regularly report the status to our customers to establish a realistic and honest delivery lead-time before the confirmation of the orders.


We are the experts in handling complex import/export operations so that we can provide all the necessary support to our customers and their shipping agents for smooth international delivery.

Presentation and Promotion

We have a great team of marketing specialists who supports our customers to launch their products. We manage all the data submissions and offer the best preparation for marketing materials, marketing strategies, and promotion.

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