About us

BLUEBIRD GROUPS (IBON) offers complete Pet Foods and health supplements for all kind of pets. We are the OEM and Private Label Manufacturing company that offers Pet foods , supplements , Accessories and other Pet Related Products.

BLUE BIRD GROUPS was a vision of MR Punith Kumar (from India Working since 2008). Our companies work hard to please the needs and requirements of customer and their pets. We prepare on-demand Pet Products and health supplements on the request of Customers.

Our team offers the best services to our clients by practicing the required safety measures. We provide the Best Quality Products and health supplements according to the need and requirementyour feathered, furry and fuzzy friends.

“Growing a business is growing yourself”. We offer the best private label products in your Brand Name (Private-label). We work hard to meet the pet Products needs of your country. IBON promises to strive hard so that you can find BLUEBIRD GROUPS (“IBON”) products on shelves in your private label.

Meeting the private-label challenge requires the same consideration a company would give to any other competitor.

Although we agree that many National Brands are under pressure, we strongly believe that the Private-label challenge must be kept in perspective. What’s needed is an objective approach and the same careful consideration a company would give to any brand-name competitor.

Our love for the animals and pets is never-ending, which made us provide various Products for the wellness of pets,

Some of our other Product Brands for pets are:


Premium Products for Exotic Birds


Fish and aquatic accessories products.


Products for small pets and reptiles needs.


Products & Services for Dogs & Cats.