BLUEBIRD GROUPS (“IBON”) offers their customers with wide range of health care Products, functional foods, and Accessory for Exotic Pet Bird etc.

Our Mission

To deliver flawless, superior quality products to our customers while meeting all the expectations of stakeholders and the community, with great sincerity and respect towards multi-cultural business environment.

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Our Vision

To share our product with the world. So that it reaches all corners of world in an affordable and sustainable manner to ultimately improve the health and wellness of Exotic Birds & Pets.

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Our Values

In essence, the source of all richness comes from the earth. We respect our planet and the organizations where our products are being manufactured.

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About IBON

BLUEBIRD GROUPS (IBON) offers complete Pet Foods and health supplements for all kind of pets. We are the OEM and Private Label Manufacturing company that offers Pet foods , supplements , Accessories and other Pet Related Products.


Premium Products for Exotic Birds


Fish and aquatic accessories products.


Products for small pets and reptiles needs.


Products & Services for Dogs & Cats.

Our Products

Feeding the birds in winter can be a rewarding way to enjoy birding in your backyard when the weather outside is less than ideal.

Functional foods

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Seed products

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Healthcare supplements

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